EXPERIENCE THE BEST LIFT ACCESSED TERRAIN ON THE PLANET with early-ups on powder days with the most experienced guides. Expand your horizons with world class cat and sled/skiing providing access into Valle Hermosa (aka- the Honey Hole). Guest will be treated to a true 'locals' experience with private asado (BBQ), live music, while staying at the prestigious Pisces Hotel. This is truly a Stellar experience at every level.

SESSION 1; Aug 22 - 29

SESSION 2 - Aug 29- Sept5


Meet Claudio Margaride, aka 'El Presidente', who earned his nickname 10 years ago when the Stellar crew arrived in Las Lenas on a beautiful blue bird powder day. The only problem was that it also happened to be election day in Argentina and the Marte (top chair) lift was closed because the workers were voting. Fortunately Claudio pulled strings and got us all a cat ride to the top - converting what could have been a major bummer into one of the highlights of our trip. Needless to say, there is no substitute for local connections and I always vote for Claudio, 'El Presidente!'